Dolce for HOT VIDEO

May 21st, 2009

Hi people!!! Remember the interview I did for the french magazine HOT VIDEO?

Well, it’s been out and successful, but Torbe then gave me some pics he took that day.

The actor who did it with me that day was Nick Moreno. He’s the one who did an episode of Priest Damian with me :) Hope you like it!

Watch my confession with Priest Damian and a ton of pics here!!!

Dolcina, a porn actress when she was a child

May 15th, 2009

Hi, guys and girls ;) How’s it going?? Looking thru the memory vaults I found these pics. I wanted to share them with you to see what you think :)



8 years old, almost 9.
Dolce getting ready for the Holy Church.


Dolce moving into the Fashion world


It’s quite clear that you’re either born with it or you’re not. Since I was a child it was into it… posing and teasing… Well, there you have it! Hahaha!

Grown up, or just a child, always…
Your Dolce **

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I’m a Pin-up Gir

May 7th, 2009


Hello! Helloooooooooo boys and girs!! I’m so happy to update this with a few pics for you!
Mmmm… I hope you like ‘em!!! I’ve enjoyed this session so very much.

As always, I’ve done this with my amazing pal and photographer Raza. A true artist in
every way. He knows how to get the best of me like no one else does.

I love the vintage thing… mmm, love it! I wanted so much to do this kind of session and
finally here you have it, my darlings, so enjoy it.

I’ll be waiting for your comments… and yeah! A new tattoo! He put Daddy-s Girl, what can I say about the tattoo artist!

Luvs you…

Your sweet Dolce, for ever and ever… Amen! Hahaha

Dolce… ¿Who else?

May 1st, 2009

I believe in the Almight God Torbe
Creator of FreakBukkake and Torbenetwork
I believe in the holy plate and the jerks
In our divine cum,
conceived by the graces of the cock
born in the testicles
it suffered under the power of latex
was criticized, frowned upon and tormented
descended to Dolce’s bukkakes
and on the eight day it resurrected among bukkakes
climbed to the top
and is spilling in the holy plate of God, Father Torbe
From there it shall come to judge cowards and repressed.

I believe in the Holy Slut,

In the holy Torbe Mansion,

In the community of jerks,

In freaky porn,

the resurrection of bukkakes,

and in Torbe Network

I Love Bukkake.

Boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How you doin’?????? Today I felt particularly creative…. I probably have some excessive vitamins in my body making me develop hypercreativity! I wonder why??

Yesssssssss! Boys and gals, 17 well-packed guys made it for this historic event in Torbe Network… Dolce’s bukkakes!!!!

As my own man Torbe has said… a m a z i n g ….

Here I link his blog where you can see a whole lot more pictures besides these ones here… wow it raises the hair of my neck just to see ‘em, hahaha!! As a good friend o’mine, who’s now on his way to Afghanistan, would say… you’re all too crazy gal.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all guys who have bothered to participate in this project. It means a lot to me. Those coming from Granada, Zaragoza, Alicante and all around Madrid… T H A N K S    G U Y S.

As I told you in person, this thing is so magical, and it’s so authentic because of you. And thanks to my man Torbe for giving me the chance and to all the boys and girls who couldn’t come but will keep trying to make it.

We’ll be waiting for you, arms open and tongue out.

Luvs you, blows you, kisses you

Your DoLce**

Dolce, January girl on “Freelancemodels”

April 27th, 2009

Hi! Hi guys/girls!!! How’s it goin’??? Have you seen how cute this is? Dolce, girl-of-the-month in January’s Freelancemodels

I leave you the link here for the webpage with the whole interview and some pics. It’s so funny to see ‘em now ‘cause I did those really long ago… God, time flies by…

Oh, by the way, you haven’t said anything!! Notice that on the right you always find some videos! I left one about the last time I was in the Moral Social Club. I was dressed up as a school girl and they choose a guy from the audience… and since I’m so perverted… it was so funny!!!

And before we end, the greatest, no doubt about it, the one and only, the imminent sage… oh, his lyrics mean so much… Fito, wow, I have so many favorite songs from him; this is one of them. Fito brings back so many memories… gosh, I hope you like it people.

Take care, boys and girls.

Luvs you…

Your DoLCe**